Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are stained from general use and ageing, tooth decay, fillings or tartar build-up then they can become discoloured. Teeth whitening can be highly effective at greatly enhancing the appearance of such teeth, hence why it has become so widely used. It is now popular with both men and women of all ages that are looking to achieve a fresh smile through a short, non- invasive procedure.

At Silicon Dental Centre, we offer different options, depending on the requirements needed to improve the appearance of your teeth, which can be carried out individually or in combination. After a consultation and assessment, we will help you choose the method that best suits your needs.

1. Enlighten Whitening

Silicon Dental Centre is extremely proud to announce that our clinic has been accredited as an ‘Enlighten Regional Centre Of Excellence’. At our practice whitening your teeth is easy, seamless and comes with guaranteed results. With a premium whitening system, a fully trained team, and dentists at the ready to give you exactly the smile you want, whitening your teeth has never been easier. We have successfully whitened hundreds of patients’ smiles to Enlightens guaranteed B1shade or higher. As your local Enlighten-trained dentist, we are invested in offering you the very best of everything from the second you walk through our practice doors.

Why use the Enlighten whitening system?

  • Guaranteed B1 shade (the most natural white shade on the vita guide).
  • No diet changes are required so you can continue eating your favourite foods to your content.
  • And forever-lasting results.

As humans we spend lots of money on nice clothes, on perfumes and on our hair … however, people often forget about our smile. With 47% of people noticing it first when they meet us, it would make sense to invest in a beautiful smile. As the Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence, we are uniquely able to help. For a limited time, we are selling our Enlighten Whitening Home-kits for a price of £550 (prices can be £700 or more).

Make the first step towards your dream smile today.

2. ZOOM! Chairside Whitening

This technique is carried out in the dental chair to give a whiter brighter smile in just over an hour. Many people are familiar with the technique and refer to it as laser whitening having seen it featured regularly on TV programmes likes Extreme Makeover and 10 Years Younger. The key benefit of this technique is that it is quick and can often make the teeth several shades lighter.

A special moisturiser is applied to the lips so they don’t become dry and and the lips are gently held away with a special retractor and cotton wool rolls. The gums and cheeks are protected with a special barrier, then whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a special light shines on the teeth for 15 minutes. This is repeated a number of times with repeat applications and usually takes an hour. Feel free bring in a selection of music to listen to during the procedure.

Zoom! Chairside Whitening can be combined with home whitening – either whiten at home immediately followed by Zoom Chairside or the other way round.

A Dental Hygiene clean to remove tartar and Airflow to remove staining; in combination with the Enlighten Whitening System, achieve by far the best whitening results we have seen at Silicon Dental Centre.

3. Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening is one of the services offered at Silicon Dental Centre. It is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. It is ideal for individuals who are seeking a brighter and whiter smile. The method involves the application of a specialized bleaching gel onto the teeth, which is activated by a bright light. This process helps to break down the molecules in the teeth, resulting in a lighter shade of your natural teeth’ colour. The procedure is safe and comfortable and can be completed in under an hour.

At Silicon Dental Centre, we use a special whitening gel designed to give you a brighter and whiter smile without causing any sensitivity or discomfort. We also use a specialized light that helps to speed up the whitening process. Our highly trained staff is available to guide you through the entire process and answer any questions. We also offer complimentary maintenance whitening kits for you to use at home, helping to keep your smile looking brighter for longer.

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