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Unveiling the Science Behind Beautiful Skin with Obagi Medical

At Obagi Medical, they understand your desire for healthy, radiant skin. That’s why they develop science-backed skincare solutions formulated by leading dermatologists.

Their Legacy of Transformation:

For over 30 years, Obagi Medical has been a leader in skincare innovation. Their products are designed to transform your skin from within, resulting in a younger, healthier appearance. We target a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Visible Signs of Aging:Fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity (loss of firmness).
  • Uneven Skin Tone:Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and melasma.
  • Acne Breakouts:We offer targeted treatments to combat blemishes and promote clearer skin.

A Personalized Approach to Skincare:

Obagi Medical is a complete skincare company designed and tested for every skin type (SKINCLUSION). We offer a variety of products catering to your specific needs, helping you to create a personalised regimen that addresses your unique concerns.

Beyond the Products:

While Obagi Medical offers a diverse range of options, finding the perfect solution requires considering your unique situation. Here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Cost:Obagi products tend to be on the higher end of the skincare market but its worth it judging by the results.
  • Prescription vs. Over-the-Counter:Obagi offer a range of options, including prescription-strength solutions for more severe concerns.
  • Individualized Care:The best skincare approach is tailored to your specific concerns and skin type. Sometimes a dermatologist may be asked to assess your needs and recommend a personalised regimen, which may or may not include Obagi products.

Empowering You on Your Skincare Journey

Obagi Medical and Silicon Dental Facial Aesthetics are committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve healthy, radiant skin. We encourage you to explore our product range and consult with a dermatologist to create a personalized routine that works best for you.


Obagi has pioneered many skin care advances, including being the first medical skin care brand to design their clinical research protocols to cover all six skin types across the Fitzpatrick skin spectrum.

Safeguard Your Skin:

Unveiling Obagi Sun Protection

Sun protection is more than just a summer concern – it’s a crucial daily step for healthy, youthful skin. Obagi Sun Protection offers advanced defence against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can lead to:

  • Premature Aging: Sun exposure accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of firmness. Obagi sunscreens help combat these signs of aging.
  • Sunburn and Hyperpigmentation: UVA and UVB rays can cause sunburn and contribute to uneven skin tone, including brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Obagi sun protection helps prevent these issues and promotes a more even complexion.
  • Increased Skin Cancer Risk: Excessive sun exposure is a major risk factor for skin cancer. Obagi sunscreens provide a vital layer of defence against harmful UV rays.

Obagi’s Commitment to Comprehensive Protection:

Obagi understands that sun protection is an essential part of any skincare regimen. We encourage daily use of our sunscreens alongside your Obagi system to maximize the benefits:

  • Preserves Skin Radiance: By shielding your skin from damaging UV rays, Obagi sunscreens help maintain your skin’s natural glow and luminosity.
  • Combats Photoaging: Photoaging refers to the visible signs of aging caused by sun exposure. Obagi sunscreens help prevent photoaging, keeping your skin looking younger for longer.
  • Prevents Premature Aging: As mentioned earlier, Obagi sunscreens protect collagen and elastin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Informed Choices for Optimal Results

Obagi offers a range of sunscreens formulated with different SPF levels and textures to suit your specific needs and preferences. Consult with a our Facial Aesthetics Practitioner to find the perfect Obagi sunscreen to integrate seamlessly into your skincare routine for a lifetime of healthy, protected skin.

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