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We offer emergency slots daily; however, if you need emergency dental treatment outside our regular practice hours, please call 111 ( NHS DIRECT).

Going to the dentist for treatments and check-ups is essential for your oral health and ensures the health of your teeth and gums are maintained. Regular visits to the dentist will ensure that you get the treatments you need promptly. There are times when you may need to see the dentist immediately, even if you did not have the chance to make an appointment.

Common Emergency Dentistry Situations

Tooth Pain/Toothache – Severe toothache needs to be seen by a dentist immediately to give pain relief. The pain can prevent you from doing anything else, and getting the pain relief and dental treatment should be done as soon as possible. The severe toothache may be caused by an impacted wisdom tooth, a dental abscess, tooth decay, or when food particles get trapped between the teeth and the gum line.

Soft Tissue Injury – Injuries involving the lips, gums, tongue, and soft tissues inside the mouth will need to be seen by an emergency dentist immediately. These injuries may be caused by playing sports or when blunt force is directed toward the mouth or facial area. Special and urgent attention is needed to ensure the injury causes no further complications.

Knocked-Out Tooth – A tooth may be knocked out due to sports injuries or accidents. A permanent tooth that has been knocked out can still be saved through emergency dentistry; timing is crucial because the tooth has a greater chance of survival if seen by a dentist within one hour of being knocked out.

Lost Dental Crown or Dental Filling – A lost dental crown or dental filling will need to be seen as soon as possible because the affected tooth is exposed to the risk of infection without the protection of the lost filling or crown. The crown or filling will need to be replaced to bring back the tooth’s form and function and avoid further discomfort.

There can be other reasons for pain. We recommend regular dental check-ups and seeing the dental hygienist at Silicon Dental Centre to detect problems earlier and provide more straightforward solutions to keep your teeth healthy and pain-free.

Please call the practice as early as possible, as the emergency slot will be filled; if this happens, we will find the next one available.

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