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Private Treatment Fees

New Patient Examination (45 Mins, Including 2 X-Rays & Intra-Oral Photos)£70
New Child Examination£50
Routine Adult Examination£45
Routine Child Examination£30
Smile Design/Cosmetic Consultation/Tooth Wear£90 (Including X-Rays & Intra-Oral Photos)
Small X-Ray£12 (Per X-Ray)
Panoramic X-Ray – OPG£50
CBCT Scan/3D X-Ray£100
Dental Hygiene – Adult (30 Mins)£70
Dental Hygiene – Child (20 Mins)£50
Dental Hygiene (45 Mins)£105
Dental Hygiene & Airflow (Stain Removal – 30 Mins)£95
Airflow (Stain Removal) (20 Mins)£50
Dentomycin Adjunctive Treatment (30 Mins)£45
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (30 Mins)£89
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (45 Mins)£135
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (60 Mins)£175
Teeth Whitening Consultation (30 Mins)£30
Boutique Whitening£350
Enlighten Whitening£500
Zoom Power Whitening (In Surgery & At Home)£650
Single Top-Up Boutique Whitening Gel£25
Single Top-Up Enlighten Whitening Gel£50
Teeth Whitening Trays (Remaking Lost/Damaged)£75 (For Each Whitening Tray)
Non-Vital Teeth Whitening (Dark Single Tooth)£210
ICON White Spot Removal£350
Amalgram – Small£90
Amalgram – Medium£120
Amalgram – Large£150
Amalgram – Extra Large£180
Fissure Sealant£50
Child Filling£90
Composite – Small£120
Composite – Medium£160
Composite – Large£200
Composite – Extra Large£240
Composite Bonding – Tooth Edge£140
Composite Bonding – 1/2 Tooth£200
Composite Bonding – Full Tooth£320
Dentist with Special InterestAssociate Dentist
Root Canal Consultation£70£70
Root Canal Investigation£185£185
Incisor Re-Treatment£595£525
Pre-Molar Re-Treatment£695£625
Molar Re-Treatment£850£750
Tooth/Core Build After Root Canal£130£130
Extraction – Simple£120
Extraction – Moderate £180
Extraction – Complex £240
Extraction – Surgical (Including Wisdom Tooth) £320
Apicectomy & Other Surgery (Including Crown Lengthening)£350 – £650
Implant Consultation (30 Mins) £70
Implant Stent £150
Straumann Simple Implant (Including Crown) £2500
Lower Jaw Implant Denture £4500 (2 Implants)
Upper Jaw Implant Denture £7200 (4 Implants)
Full Mouth Implant Denture £14000 – £18000 (6 Implants)
Bone Graft £395
Sinus Lift £495
Sinus Lift & Graft £625
Implant Crown £1150
Acrylic Denture£950
Flexi Denture£1050
Cobalt (Metal) Denture£1250
Solvay/Acetyl (Metal Free) Denture£1250
Tooth Addition To Denture£75 – £95
Denture Repair – Simple£75
Denture Repair – Complex£125
Denture Reline – Hard£150
Denture Reline – Soft£190
Bridges£675 (Per Unit)
Maryland Pontic£575
Maryland Wing£275
Metal Ceramic Crown£650
Ceramic Crown Zirconia£675 ( Aesthetic )
Ceramic Crown EMax£725 ( Very Aesthetic )
Gold CrownFrom £850
Complex Shade Matching With LabFrom £50
Fibre Post Core£110
Cast Metal Post£120
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay£675
Gold Inlay/Onlay£850
Replacement Crown/Onlay/Bridge/VeneerFrom £50 – £75
Temporary Crown Construction & Fit£90
Veneers£750 (Per Tooth)
Invisalign Consultation (40 Mins, Including Digital Scan)£70
Panoramic X-Ray (OPG)£50
3D Smile Design (ClinCheck)£150
Invisalign Express£2500
Invisalign Go£3500
Invisalign Go Plus£3800
Single Clear Aligners£180 (Per Arch)
Removable Retainers (Single)£120
Invisalign Vivera Retainers£650
Fixed Bonded Retainer£180
Invisalign Additional Set£450 – £560
Invisalign Aligner (Replacement)£120 – £450
Essix Retainers£80 (Per Arch)
Invisalign Vivera Retainers (Dual Arch – Set Of 3)£675
Invisalign Vivera Retainer (Single For Existing Patient)£210


Edge Composite Bonding£400 (4 Teeth)
Edge Composite Bonding£600 (6 Teeth)
Edge Composite Bonding£120 (Per Tooth)
Full Teeth Composite Bonding£1000 (4 Teeth)
Full Teeth Composite Bonding£1500 (6 Teeth)
Full Tooth Composite Bonding£275 (Per Tooth)
Study Models Articulated Including Facebow Records£150
Non-Articulated Study Models£50
Cosmetic Tooth Wax Up£30 (Per Tooth)
Occlusal Splint (Michigan Or Tanner)£525
Occlusal Splint (Soft)£150
NiTi Or SCi Splint (Anterior)£450
Sports Guard£120
Snore Guard£575
ICON White Spot Removal£350
Emergency Appointment (30 Mins)£70
Root Canal Extirpation£150
Temporary Filling£50 – £120
Re-Cement CrownFrom £50
Re-Cement BridgeFrom £75 (Per Unit)
Dry Socket Treatment£75
Private Antibiotics£12

Terms & Conditions

  • These fees are only a guide & can vary.
  • Every patient is different; hence each patient’s fees will reflect their individual needs.
  • We’ll give you a personalised dental report & treatment plan with the respective fees after your initial exam
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