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iTero intraoral scanner

Our iTero intraoral scanner helps us create 3D digital scans of our patients’ smiles in a matter of minutes. These high-precision 3D scans do away with the need for messy impression moulds teeth, and we can use them to plan our treatments with extreme accuracy and also with engaging with our patients who can really see close up from never before seen angles of your teeth and gums.


PRGF® can be used during many different surgical procedures including the placement of implants, grafting and extractions. It is also used successfully in facial rejuvenation treatments having regenerative and corrective properties. All this can be done by taking a small amount of the patients own blood prior to the procedure, we separate the platelets from the Plasma protein and use the Plasma during the procedure.The key benefits are listed below.
  1. OPTIMUM CONCENTRATION OF PLATELETS – The right concentration of platelets affects the final efficacy.
  2. LEUKOCYTE – FREE FORMULATION – The inclusion of leukocytes increases the pain and inflammation.
  3. CONTROLLED ACTIVATION – Enables the formation of the fibrin matrix in situ and the gradual release of growth factors, maintaining its efficacy over time.
  4. AUTOLOGOUS – It is made from the patient’s own blood, so there are no known adverse effects.
  5. REPRODUCIBLE – The protocol for the preparation process and its clinical application is strictly defined and tested.
  6. VERSATILE – Three therapeutic formulations obtained in the same process means we can adapt the product to the patient’s clinical needs.

The U225® Mesogun is a medical mesotherapy device, used to deliver a bespoke blend of ingredients directly to the skin. The French made U225 is the most sophisticated mesotherapy injector currently available on the market. It can be used on the face scalp and body and noticeably improves hydration, elasticity skin texture, while softening fine line and wrinkles. On the scalp it aids hair rejuvenation and hair re growth.

How the U225 Mesotherapy Gun Works:

The U225 Meso gun is designed with patient comfort and efficiency in mind. Here’s how it achieves these goals:

  • Micro-Needling Technique: The U225 uses a micro-needling technique, delivering a series of tiny injections rather than a single deep puncture. This significantly reduces discomfort compared to traditional mesotherapy needles.
  • High-Speed Penetration: Thanks to advanced engineering, the U225 injects at a very high speed. This rapid needle movement minimizes pain perception during the procedure.
  • Hand-Crafted for Precision: Each U225 is meticulously built by hand by qualified technicians. This ensures exceptional precision and control over needle movement, further reducing discomfort.
  • Separate Needle and Syringe: By separating the needle and syringe, the U225 eliminates vibrations that can cause additional discomfort.

Benefits of the U225 Meso Gun:

  • Reduced Pain: The combination of micro-needling, high-speed injection, and precision engineering makes the U225 meso gun a much more comfortable experience compared to traditional mesotherapy techniques.
  • Minimal Product Loss: The U225’s unique locking system minimizes product waste during injection, leading to greater treatment efficiency.
  • Enhanced Control: The separate needle and syringe design allows for more precise control over needle placement and depth, ensuring optimal treatment results.

Overall, the U225 meso gun offers a more comfortable, efficient, and precise mesotherapy experience for both patients and practitioners.

Mesotherapy with the Mesogun U225® is recommended for patients wanting to restore radiance and smoothness to the skin on the face and body.

Yes, however, treatment must be carried out by a medical professional.

No – the treatment is quick and painless.

Downtime is minimal – at most, you might experience the tiniest bit of flushing.

A healthy glow is immediately noticeable; however, for best results, we recommend repeating treatment on a fortnightly basis.

Benefits of Planmeca CBCT Pro Max Scan for our Dental Patients

You might be wondering what it is and how it benefits you. This advanced imaging technology offers several advantages over traditional X-rays, leading to more accurate diagnoses, improved treatment planning, and potentially a more comfortable experience.

Here’s how a Planmeca CBCT scan can benefit you as a dental patient:

  • Detailed 3D Images: Unlike flat X-rays, the CBCT Pro Max captures a complete 3D image of your jaw and teeth. This allows your dentist to see the underlying bone structure, nerve canals, and any abnormalities in much greater detail. This level of detail is crucial for precise planning of procedures like implant placement, root canals, and wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Improved Diagnosis: With the clear 3D view, your dentist can identify potential issues like hidden fractures, impacted teeth, or the extent of bone loss around teeth. Early detection of these problems allows for prompt and more effective treatment, potentially saving you time, money, and discomfort in the long run.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: The detailed 3D information helps dentists plan treatment with greater accuracy, often leading to less invasive procedures. This can minimize the need for additional imaging during surgery, reducing your overall radiation exposure.
  • Reduced Treatment Time: Accurate planning allows dentists to perform procedures more efficiently, potentially shortening your treatment time and reducing the number of appointments needed.
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