Rohina Ibrahimi

Rohina Ibrahimi

Dental Nurse

Rohina joined the world of Dentistry as a trainee dental nurse, where she found her true passion within dentistry. Her journey began at the end of lockdown, where life began to come back to normality.

She has been working as a dental nurse for the past 3 years, where Rohina gained her dental nurse qualification alongside working as a dental receptionist. Her experience inspired Rohina, to pursue her career further and expand her dental knowledge, which will positive impact on all the patients that she helps, where she can give back my best.

She loves assisting with all aspects of treatment but especially with dental hygiene care, as it is mainly preventative and where core of our dental health begins. and keeping good oral heath hygiene gives us longer lasting teeth, this really makes Rohina very happy.

Rohina Joined the team at Silicon Dental at the beginning of 2024 and as soon as she joined, she felt welcomed like a family member by our highly caring and professional team members.

In Rohina’s spare time she enjoys going to the gym while listening to music. She also likes exploring new languages and spending quality time with family.

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