Dr Komal Chopra

Dr Komal Chopra

Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Dr Komal is our Lead Facial Aesthetics Practitioner at Silicon Dental Centre. Since graduating from Peninsula Dental School in 2020, Komal has completed numerous postgraduate courses in Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics. Her qualifications include a Level 7 Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, which is equivalent to a master’s degree, and well recognised for its advanced expertise in the field.

Komal enjoys educating her patients, and believes in working with them to achieve their desired goals. Whether it’s superficial skin treatments or full facial rejuvenation, Komal strives to provide holistic, long lasting and natural results tailored to each individual.

Outside of the practice, Komal enjoys the practice of yoga, the intricacies of nutrition, and embarking on adventures around the world!

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