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What are bridges and dentures?

Bridges and Dentures are used in replacing missing teeth, to help with function and aesthetics. Whether you have a denture or a bridge depends on how many teeth need replacing and the condition of the remaining surrounding teeth.


To have a bridge, the teeth either side of the gap need to be in good condition. These teeth are used to support the bridge. A bridge normally replaces one-to-two teeth and is fixed in permanently.


A denture is a removable plate and can replace numerous teeth or a single tooth. This is not fixed permanently and needs to be removed in order to be cleaned, and must be left out at night daily.

Dentures are available in various materials, most commonly plastic or acrylic dentures, or a metal denture which our patients say fit more comfortably. Where the occasion arises, we can also make a flexible-type denture.

Why do I need a bridge or a denture?

  • If you have a missing tooth or teeth
  • To maintain a space after the removal of a tooth and you are considering a more permanent replacement such as an Implant
  • Looking to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and smile
  • Replacement of a missing tooth: a missing tooth could cause teeth on either side to tilt and lean over towards the gap and the opposing tooth to over-erupt
  • Missing teeth can put a strain on the remaining teeth, which may cause future problems including early tooth loss
  • Compromised function, e.g. speech difficulties, problems chewing making eating difficult

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