Private Treatment Fees

Treatment Fees

Private Treatment Fees

Our “From” Clause: Many of our prices are shown as “From £…” They are an accurate reflection of the fees we charge but every patient and every case is unique. We don’t feel dentists can (or should) give a firm price until they have seen you.

Treatment Price (£)
Consultation £45.00
New Patient Consultatio £60.00 (includes 2 small x-ray films)
Additional Radiographs £12.00 (Per small film)
// £40.00 (Panoramic film)
Dental Hygiene (30 mins) £48.00
Dental Hygiene (45 mins) £72.00
Stain Removal (air flow) £30.00
Teeth Whitening £295.00
Implant Placement from £1850.00
Cosmetic Orthodontics from £1950.00
Treatment Price (£)
Cosmetic White fillings from £95.00
Silver Fillings from £65.00
Root Canal Treatment from £395.00 – £695.00
Extractions from £80.00 (simple)
// from £140.00 (complex)
Crowns Metal Ceramic Crown from £525.00
// Aesthetic Ceramic Crown from £595.00
Bridges from £525.00 per unit
Dentures Acrylic Dentures from £550.00
// Metal Dentures from £850.00

We accept cash or credit/ debit cards including: Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/Delta/ American Express.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the prices on this page and update prices regularly, due to costs, prices may fluctuate and so our recommendation is to discuss your treatment with your Dentist personally.

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