Teeth Fillings

When bacteria builds, the acids they create can cause tooth decay, which can lead to holes in the teeth, severe pain and potentially tooth loss. One way to replace and replicate the lost tooth tissue is fillings. To treat a cavity and improve your dental health, your dentist will remove the decay and place an appropriate filling material into the cavity, thereby preventing any spread of decay and also returning your tooth to its healthy form and function.

Filling your tooth, along with relevant advantages and disadvantages

Your dentist will discuss the material to be used in filling your tooth, along with relevant advantages and disadvantages. You will always be consulted in the decision making process and have a say on what treatment to have carried out.

We adopt many techniques to ensure we deliver pain-free injections and use state of the art equipment and materials, to ensure we provide you with the highest levels of care. We also teach you how to maintain the work we have carried out, so that your teeth and smile can remain healthy for years to come.

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